Window stickers Perth

In today’s competitive environment, a strong brand or corporate identity is paramount to a business’ success. It is the symbol by which prospective clients identify you. Exclusive Wall Designs create window stickers that can help you display your logo or business advertising  in an impressive, influential and cost effective way.

Window Stickers Perth

From design to supply & install, our custom window stickers will turn any normal window into a powerful advertising medium. Our shopfront window stickers will highlight the appearance of your product and are the ideal solution to communicate your products, company logo, promotions and sales to your customers.

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Window Stickers Perth - Exclusive Wall Design

Available window decal solutions:

Window Decals Perth - Exclusive Wall Design

Clear Window Stickers Perth

Your decal will be clear everywhere that the design itself is not printed. These are great for storefronts and doors to allow two way visibility – assuming your design doesn’t cover the entire surface area of the actual decal. Also, make sure that any design on these types of decals has a strong contrasting color to ensure smaller decals can be seen from a distance if so desired.

Opaque Window Stickers Perth - Exclusive Wall Design

Opaque Window Decals & Stickers

Opaque decals obscure visibility from either side of the window. Rather than having “clear” portions of your sign, wherever the design does not cover it will be an opaque white. The best way to describe this is like a frosted window in a bathroom. While it isn’t completely blacked out the visibility through these is obscured by the opacity of the non-printed area.

Perforated Window Decals Perth - Exclusive Wall Design

Perforated Window Stickers & Decals

Perforated window decals are designed to allow one-way visibility. In other words, these are signs that allow you to see from the inside of your business to the outside but not vice versa. Therefore, you can still advertise your store hours, business logo or brand, and deals while seeing out of your store. Customers approaching your store will be able to see the decals clearly but won’t be able to see inside of the store. This is achieved by printing onto a material on one side of the sign that is perforated with tiny holes. These perforations won’t affect the aesthetics of your sign while creating a one way visibility that many business owners desire.

Window Frosting Perth - Exclusive Wall Design

Window Frosting – Window Stickers Perth

Exclusive Wall Design Perth’s frosted window decals will provide privacy and security while still letting in diffused natural light.
Available in full or split panels and beautiful frosted window art designs our frosted window decals will ensure a stylish modern look and your privacy.