Shower Screens Perth

Whether it’s a newly constructed bathroom or that long awaited bathroom renovation, Exclusive Wall Design’s frameless shower screens will add the finishing touch of style, elegance and functionality to your bathroom interiors.

With a glass shower screen to suit every budget, our amazing range of frameless shower screens, semi frameless shower screens and bath panels will add value and style to compliment your personal bathroom design.

Frameless Shower Screens Perth

Constructed from 10mm toughened, polished edge, safety glass that is processed here in Perth and complemented by a vast array of quality hinges, fixings and door hardware, our frameless shower screens can be tailor made to suit the requirements of any bathrooms with the end result being nothing less than spectacular.

Semi-frameless shower screens Perth - Exclusive Wall DesignSemi-Frameless Shower Screens Perth

A semi frameless shower screen can be defined as a shower screen that is framed around the perimeter or outside edges of the glass, and that has no framing around the door or the parts of the screen that abut each other.  Unlike frameless shower screens, semi frameless screens are made from 6mm,toughened glass and again, clear glass is the most popular choice but you can use tinted or frosted if you wish to.  They can also be made in a range of standard styles or customised to suit the exact area in which they will be used.  The framing that is used in these screens is made from aluminium and is available in a range of colours, allowing you to choose a colour that either highlights the edge of the screen or helps it to blend into the background.

Semi frameless shower screens are becoming extremely popular as they can still give a clean, streamlined look to the bathroom without the expense that is associated with a fully frameless shower screen. This makes them more appropriate for people that are looking for a visually clean shower screen at a lower cost.

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